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January of this year The Michael S. Snyder Foundation awarded $4,500 to fund the research of Dr. Adam Bass of the Dana Farber Cancer Center.

Today there are very few foundations that support work in esophageal and stomach cancer.   Dr. Bass is a  world renowned cancer researcher focused on several key areas in this type of cancer, i.e. A) The similarities that esophageal and stomach cancers are alike and B) working to specifically target early detection. Dr. Bass is also studying genomics to learn more about how these tumors function so they can find the right drug for the right person at the right time. He is also researching immune based therapies, which activate one’s own immune system to attack the cancer. 

Dr. Bass

Dr. Bass, left, accepts a donation from Richard and Pamela Snyder

Last year we also awarded a$1000 grant to the Music Department at St. Johns Prep to fund a program in the jazz club providing a professional musician for a full season to mentor the members in their musical journeys.

We are pictured here with Kevin Collins the Chief Advancement Officer, St John's Prep.


We had earlier presented a grant to provide a professional musician to mentor the Jazz Band that Michael loved so much. We will be awarding another grant this year.

Headmasters Reception for 2018

Big THANK YOU for all who came to support us

Such a fun PAINT NIGHT!

Great night enjoying the music of

Lydia Harrell & Steven Higgs

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